Two decades after the last Maxim fire truck was sold, Greenwood Emergency Vehicles of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, announced the reemergence of the Maxim brand of fire trucks.


The Maxim ultimately ceased operations, forced to give up its long reign due to competition from other manufacturers who specialized in mass-producing fire trucks at a greater speed, and with more customization than they were able to keep up with.

Maxim expanded throughout the Midwest, to the West Coast, and into foreign countries during these years. The Maxim fire truck continued to remain popular with fire departments. Emergency personnel liked the truck's reliable aerial ladders. Along the way, other fire apparatus manufacturers grew wise to this fact, and began to use Maxim's aerial ladder design on their trucks' chassis. The Maxim Motor Company changed hands several times during this period.

During this time, several other Massachusetts towns began to request that Maxim build trucks for them, as well. Production of the fire trucks was soon in full swing, and Carlton Maxim then began to distribute them to various other towns across the Commonwealth.

Carlton Maxim founded the Maxim Motor Company. This firefighter turned entrepreneur who was convinced that his truck would perform better than the town’s other trucks. His design impressed the town of Middleboro, and word traveled quickly about the new Maxim fire truck.

The town of Middleboro, Massachusetts received a Knox fire truck. Firefighter Carlton Maxim felt he could make a better truck that would help the town and would aid the fire fighters, so he went to work on developing an idea for how to build one.